Thursday, December 18, 2003


My four posts from yesterday all show up in Blogger as having been published, yet Blogspot doesn't show any of them.

I guess no further posting until I know Blogspot is updating properly (not that you'll be able to read this until it does).

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

That's Really Weird

I've posted 4 things today, but none of them show up on Blogspot.

They all show up, however, inside the Blogger window as having been posted.

Update: This post isn't showing up either, so I guess it didn't have anything to do with Bill Clinton's Evil Member (or did it?).

Is Bill Clinton's Penis holding my blog hostage?

If so, what nefarious plot is afoot now from that mighty appendage?

Has it no shame, at long last, has it no shame!

The FBI has revealed that it has recently foiled a plot by Islamic extremist terrorists to hijack Bill Clinton’s penis and crash it into the red light district of Los Angeles. Whilst details are, at present, sketchy, it appears that a group of terrorists, disguised as young female interns, penetrated security at Clinton’s Harlem offices and succeeded in stimulating his sex drive to dangerous levels. It is believed that their choice of a target on the opposite coast of the United States was deliberate. “By the time they’d got to it to LA their devilish foreplay would undoubtedly have got Bill’s ‘old man’ fully fuelled�, a Justice department spokesman has said. “Such a release of sexual energy would prove devastating, destroying entire city blocks and shaking LA to its foundations�. Indeed, it is believed that the terrorists’ ambitions were even greater, perhaps hoping that Clinton’s knob would open up the San Andreas fault, resulting in the whole of California falling into the Pacific. Warnings were issued to those citizens living under the flight path of the hijacked Presidential member - “Stay indoors and lock up your wives and daughters!� Control of the penis was finally wrested from the terrorists after a fierce gun battle with FBI agents, who had successfully boarded Clinton’s skin boat over Nevada.
Bush's Harken Mistakes Blamed on Clinton's Penis

(AP) In a move to fend off questions about the administration's ability to handle the corporate accounting scandals, the White House today placed responsibility for George W. Bush's own previous SEC troubles squarely on the shoulders of Bill Clinton's sexual escapades.
White House: Clinton's penis leaked CIA operative's identity:

Washington — The White House said it has reason to believe that an illegal leak which disclosed the identity of a CIA operative was made by former President Bill Clinton’s penis. The operative, wife of a former U.S. diplomat with expertise in African affairs, was apparently named by Clinton’s appendage in a series of encounters with several Washington journalists.

White House spokesman Scott McClellan said that Bill Clinton’s penis “has a clear track record of endangering the national security of the United States.�

Monday, December 15, 2003


I'm really fucking happy to see Saddam Hussein in shackles, looking like a wino who's been sleeping in the park. I'm only sorry that his thug sons got killed a while back, so they won't have to rot alongside him until the end of time.

While this will by no means mean an end to violence in Iraq, nor even put a dent in the suicide bombing (I kinda doubt that Saddam inspired that kind of loyalty from anyone), it will mean several good things:

1) Eliminates residual fear that Saddam might come back into power, giving Iraqis one less reason not to side with us.

2) Makes the US look more powerful and capable of maintaining peace and fucking up our enemies, giving Iraqis one more reason to side with us.

3) Gives those who are fighting us reason to fear that they, too, will get caught, giving them reason to rethink their opposition.

4) Takes one murderous son-of-a-bitch off the streets, and that's always a good thing.

Baathists and Saddam loyalists, as I've said, are not the ones who've been conducting suicide attacks against American troops. That's just not their style. They have, however, almost certainly been providing money and help to those who have, as well as launching their own hit-and-run sniper/mortar/ambush attacks on Western soldiers and our Iraqi allies.

Now that Saddam is locked up, I'd expect the Baathists to slowly fade into the background. They have no one left to fight for, and they have as much to fear from an Islamic Republic of Iraq as anyone. If they have any brains, they'll swap sides and try to come out on top in the new Iraq (much as the former Communists in Eastern Europe suddenly embraced free enterprise and stole everything they could lay hands to, whether it was nailed down or not). I'm not saying we should let the lower level murderers off with a slap on the wrist or that we want the Baathists to get the economic upper hand (they've already got it, from a purely ready-cash standpoint), just that it's better they throw their lot in with us and get on with making a life for themselves than that they throw their lot in the with the people currently killing our soldiers.

Won't speak to the effect of this on American politics just yet, as I'm happy enough at the prospect of fewer American deaths and less general violence as to not really give a damn about the politics of it.

Libertarian vs libertarian

SayUncle, one of my favorite right wingers, has a good explanation of why he's a small l libertarian but not a big L one:
It should be noted that I am not a Libertarian but I do like some aspects of Libertarianism. However, Libertarianism can't work. Clayton Cramer opined that he watched the TV show Cops just to remind him of why Libertarianism cannot work. You will always have the lowest common denominator ruining it for everyone. Face it, not everyone is nice guy like me.

Libertarianism needs to drop the opposition to all social programs (it’s not practical to oppose public education outright); Libertarians need to stop nominating people who get into shootouts with the police (strangely, they’re not on Cops) or nominating people who die themselves blue from taking magic potions designed to keep the orbital mind control lasers from penetrating their brains; and Libertarians need to adopt a moderate libertarian approach first to get their foot in the door on the political scene. As of now, the weirdos have done the Libertarians in.

It's nice to see people on either side of the political divide who are open to nuance and understand that extremist positions taken as far as they can go are usually pretty damned scary.